Friday, December 10, 2010


I received a vocal complaint yesterday from a person who believes that I am posting far too much information on my blog. She believes that I should not be posting various information here because it just proves that "I have a BIG mouth."

Honestly, I was a bit miffed and shocked at the accusation. Maybe she is right. Maybe she is wrong. Whatever the case, I hope that I have not offended you with anything that I have posted here. I WILL tell you that I have NO desire to "SHUT UP" what I write here. But, please, if you are not happy with what I write, PLEASE tell me about it!!! It may prove that I need to make some alterations in my postings.

Thank you!!!



  1. Tell her to stay off the sight and keep doing what your doing!!!!!!

  2. tell this person if they don't like what to have to say don't log onto your blog, We would'nt know some of this news and alot of people wouldn't get the help they need. Keep up the good work

  3. You are getting wonderful results for people in need at holiday time! Tell SCROOGE to get lost!


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