Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wichita County Schools Powerschool Account(s)

Wichita County began using this amazing POWERSCHOOL program a couple of years ago. Parents who are set up on this account can go online ANYTIME to see just how well their child(ren) is/are doing in all of their school subjects. It also gives you a detailed account of their current lunch and milk money. Each of the teachers can choose to post a comment about your child if they want to. Amongst other things, parents can go online to see how many days your child has not been in school this quarter/semester, etc. Parents can also sign up for having the child's daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly grades, etc sent directly to their email address automatically. We choose to have these details sent out once a week. So, we usually have them in our email box early Monday mornings. Of course, you can check things out any day at any time!

Recently, you may have noticed that this information is not in your email box. This is due to the fact that parents whom have several students here were complaining about too much POWERSCHOOL email. Mr. Nathan Brown who is in charge of POWERSCHOOL, has gone onto this program and changed things so that once you complete the new online form, you will only receive one piece of email that consists of all of the details for all of your students. At the top of the new form, you will find all of your children's names. Click on the name of the child whom you want the information on.

To get everything re-set, please go to:


Once there, the directions are very easy to fill out. You will need your child's user name and password that the school sent to parents early in the school year. If you do not have that information, you can contact Mr. Brown at the high school. That phone number is 620-375-2213. Just leave a message for him and he will call you back.

Hope that this helps you!!!


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