Sunday, December 19, 2010

7 Day Weather Forecast

Of course, if you live in Western Kansas, it is very easy to find out what our forecast is. I mainly post this here for my viewers who do not live here. They may not even live in the U. S. I just think that they might find it interesting to know what our weather is like right now. Last night, our 8-year-old daughter asked me if I knew that while we are having Winter here, people in China are having Summer. Kinda difficult for a child her age to comprehend...

Unfortunately, I can see no sign of any snow or rain in our immediate future... But then again, Christmas miracles have, can and will continue to happen!!! If it does not snow, travelors should have no problem getting through Western Kansas.

You will notice that there is a range for the predicted highs and lows. The first number is what is predicted for Northwest Kansas. The second number is the prediction for Southwest Kansas. Here, in Leoti, we are basically on the line that seperates Northwest Kansas from Southwest Kansas.

Sunday: Highs: 48-49 Lows: 24-27 Mostly sunny

Monday: Highs: 53-62 Lows: 22-26 Mostly sunny

Tuesday: Highs: 45-46 Lows: 20-22 Partly sunny

Wednesday: Highs: 40-45 Lows: 22-29 Partly to mostly cloudy

Thursday: Highs: 43-45 Lows: 18-24 Mostly cloudy

Christmas Eve: Highs: 36-36 Lows: 14-18 Partly sunny

Christmas Day: Highs: 36-38 Lows: ??-?? Sunny


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