Saturday, December 4, 2010

Additional Information on my Prior Christmas Children Post

I received a comment on my "Christmas Children" post this morning. I appreciate the comment very much but think that it is entirely possible that there are other people out there with the same beliefs so I want to say a bit more on the subject.

PLEASE do not think that everyone who reads my blog should be going out and providing Christmas gifts for others' children!!! I am just asking for people to help various children who need help around the world but ONLY if you can afford to do so and WANT to do it!!!

The commenter also mentioned that when he or she was young, their parents gave them a shiny penny or a piece of fruit for their Christmas gift and they were quite appreciative of that. I agree that that was basically what most children received for their gifts. Since then, times have changed. Today, if I would give my 3 kids a penny or a piece of fruit, I don't feel like I would be fair to them at all. At the same time, I think that I would be committing a major mistake by giving them shiny brand-new cars unless I had no problem at all paying for the vehicles. Face it, Folks! Some people make large amounts of money from their careers that they spend a great deal of time perfecting. If they can afford to give gifts such as that, that is fine with me! However, most people in Wichita County do not make enough money that they can afford to shower their children with such lavish gifts.

There has to be a happy medium though. In most cases, I think that it is easy for us to go out and produce better gifts than what our parents and grandparents received many years ago. If you cannot do that this year, let someone know about it who can help in some way.

What the majority of Americans cease to forget is to teach their children of the TRUE reason for the season...

I hope that my "Christmas Children" post did not offend anyone else. If you are interested, please read the comments under the post. I totally agree with some information that the commenter wrote.


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