Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Open House

We had a nice evening for all who came out for the open house and parade last night. Not even a breeze threatened to keep people from attending.

Our parade was very short last night. Wheatland Electric donned one of their B--I--G trucks beautifully. Lights were strung from one end to the other.

Cargill (Caprock) brought in a monster of a vehicle and had it decked out also. Now if you saw it, you may have wondered just how it works. As I understand the box with all of the glass windows on all four sides is used to look up and down all of the cattle pens and alleys. That portion of the vehicle has hydraulic lifts that push it up fairly high. People then are able to see everything from their vantage points. Once a sick or weak cow is discovered, cowboys and vets are sent out to do whatever is necessary to help the critter.

There was a long white car with a set of bull horns attached to the front of it that went through the parade. Though I cannot tell you for sure who it belongs to, I THINK that Dale and Dorthea Appl may own it. It looks to me just like the car that Bob and Eula Mae Smith of Three-Way Grocery and Dry Goods once owned. People enjoyed seeing it going through the parade also!

One of the Wichita County ambulances dressed up for the occasion, too.

Parks Presbyterian Church dressed up their float and one lone child rode on it through the parade.

The limousine service out of Garden City brought their horse and white carriage to town last night. Western Hardware sponsored them. If you thought that the driver on the carriage looked familiar, it was former Leotian, Checko Vallejo! Many people enjoyed rides in the beautiful carriage.

I could not tell if it was Darrel Dirks or Buck Bishop. One of them brought a regular everyday riding lawn mower to town with a little itty bitty white carriage in the shape of a pumpkin in tow. Little kids loved their rides!

Most of the downtown businesses and the museum were open and served such refreshments as cookies, hot apple cider, etc.

A fun time was had by all!


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