Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Enchiladas for Sale!!!

In the past, I have advertised Amanda (Rodriquez) Altman's DELICIOUS enchiladas on here. Amanda is the daughter of John and Lupe Rodriquez. If you purchased them, you KNOW how wonderful they are!!! Here is your opportunity to order more!

Beef enchiladas:
dozen $12.00
1/2 dozen 6.00

Cheese enchiladas:
dozen $15.00
1/2 dozen 7.50

Amanda is taking orders now through Thursday evening. The Altmans live in the country so she will deliver them directly to your home or business on Friday. I am sure that she will make arrangements to meet you at K Store or Presto if you are coming in from the country or out of town.

If you like Mexican food, you'll LOVE these enchiladas!!!

Call Amanda at 620-375-2464.


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