Sunday, December 5, 2010


Awhile back, my family and I met other family members at a non-local restaurant. Food was great! Then, the girls and I made a BIG mistake! We went to the rest room and discovered a trash can setting right bext to the toilet. Above it was a sign that was attached to the wall. The sign was written in English and Spanish. It instructed patrons to NOT flush any toilet paper down the sewer. Instead, you were told to put it into the trashcan.

OH MY GOSH!!! We were sickend. Just recently, a friend told me that they had just eaten at the same restaurant and found the same note and trash can. They, too, were grossed out!

Can you tell me this??? Where is the State's Public Health and Environment Department??? Can't they stop this???

As for our family, we have never returned to the establishment...



  1. lynn in some places such as Mexico they have terrible sewer lines and that is what you must do. Maybe in their case they have a poor sewage set up as well. you do eat in the restroom do ya????? Golden Corrall in Garden City is one of my favorite places to eat however I will NEVER use their restrooms they are NASTY!!!!! But I will still eat there.

  2. Years ago, we went with my parents and sisters to Mexico. (By the way, I HATED it. I cried the whole time that we were there. All of the beggers just broke my heart... Guess I was in the wrong part of the country. I hear that there are definitely better areas to visit.) We were fortunate and stayed in a beautiful hotel where we were allowed to flush our t.p. Other places were not always that great.

    You're right about other public restrooms in other locations. I am sure that we are just spoiled in Leoti. For the most part, we can count on clean public rest rooms where we can flush the toilets. YAY!!!

    Thank you for your comment!!! VLE-B


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