Saturday, December 4, 2010

Want a sandwich in Leoti???

Rumor has it that Presto Convenience Store will soon be opening it's own Subway Shop!!!

As soon as I have more information, you know that I'll be posting it right here!!!



  1. I asked them about that a few weeks ago, they said they wanted a subway, but that is all it was was want and probably won't happen.

  2. Well, as of last Friday or Saturday, one of the employees told various people that it was supposed to happen sometime soon. I hope that they do put one in here! I know that that would mean that more employees would probably need to be hired since I am sure that it would be totally impractical to think that the employee behind the check-out counter would also be responsible for preparing the sandwiches. Given the fact that there is already a large amount of jobs available here with no applicants for them, the corporation may choose not to do this in Leoti.

    I am going to call the store manager and see what she says. I'll post that information in a new post.

    Thank you for your comment!!! VLE-B


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