Thursday, December 2, 2010

Driving with the Herd

Ordinarily, the only member of our herd who travels with is Chloe, our female Chinese Crested. She is just too dog-gone spoiled!!! But for some reason yesterday, our other Chinese Crested, Barnum, rode along also. Now one thing that I have learned from this breed is that they are not exactly overloaded with intelligence but they make up for it by being so wonderfully sweet, loving and lovable!!!

This morning when the girls and I needed to make a trip to the bank's ATM to withdraw money for Leighlyn's lunch ticket and Abigayle's book order, we decided to let Chiggerman (our giant Shi Tzu), Chloe and Barnum to go with us. We then dropped each girl at their schools before we headed back home. All was fine until we were two blocks from home. For some reason, whenever Barnum goes with us, he becomes EXTREMELY excited when we reach the 2 block area away from home. He jumps, barks and spins around with joy! The problem was that while he was doing his happy dance, he fell off of the front passenger seat and somehow ended up on the floor in front of me. Dazed, he stood up and stuck his head IN THE STEERING WHEEL!!! Oh, mercy!!! That is NEVER a good thing to have happen while you are driving down the street. He took a quick look around and must've decided that he better get the heck out of Dodge. Good thinking!!! He lowered his head and moved to the other side of the front seat.

Well, if this is any indication of things that could happen in the future, I think that Mr. Barnum will be spending more time at home and less time in the vehicles with us!!!


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