Thursday, December 2, 2010

Life is Tough Around Here

Just thought that I would describe my day yesterday to you...

I awakened at 7:00 yesterday, woke the girls up for school and went through the rest of my early morning routine: getting dressed, on no, I guess I didn't bother to get dressed at all yesterday. My heavy nightgown felt so good I decided to just wear it! I did take time out of my busy morning to brush my hair and teeth though. As soon as the girls were on the schoolbus, I determined that I did not like how our living room was set up ever since we set the Christmas tree up last weekend. I was able to move our HEAVY, I might add, sofa and loveseat into the dining room, our coffee table and end tables into the foyer. The only pieces that remained in the living room were the computer armoire, entertainment center, cabinet with cha chas in it and the Christmas tree. I decided that since the bulk of the furniture was out of the room, it was time for me to bring in the steamer and steam the floor. It took me a couple of hours to get it done but I was glad that I had done it.

Little by little, I began moving furniture back into the room. Little by little, I didn't like what I saw. So when Stan got home, I told him that we needed to try something different. It took both of us but we finally suceeded in getting the entertainment center moved to the opposite side of the room. Of course, that meant that all of the cable wiring had to be run from the other end of the room which meant that that lasted about 45 minutes since Stan had to attach the wiring to door trim and the moulding on the lower wall so that it did not look unsightely or cause anyone to get tied up in it and trip. I pulled a good one on Stan! When he just had two more of the 30 or 40 construction staples left to put into place, I told him that I didn't like it afterall so we needed to move the center again. Hmmm, he didn't think that my joke was quite as funny as I did. LOL!!!

While Stan was doing all of this, I moved the rest of the furniture to where I wanted it. It looked good. Stan and I moved the Christmas tree to it's new place in a corner next to the archway that leads into the foyer. We liked it!

After that, we moved on to bigger and better things, DINNER. Since I had been "injured" when it was time to take Leighlyn to God Squad at about 5:00, I was still hurting so Stan volunteered to cook. You're probably wondering how I managed to injure myself with all of this. Well you're gonna LOVE this one! It is one of those things that ONLY happen to dweebs like myself!!!

At one point, I decided that I needed to take a 5 minute break so I decided to check my blog. So, I opened the doors, sat down on the wooden chair and ran through the blog to see if anyone had left a comment for me, etc. As soon as I had done that, Leighlyn informed me that she was ready to go. I still don't know just how I did it, but as I was standing up, I ran the top of my head into the upper shelf on the armoire. I hit it with enough force that it knocked me back down into my seat! OUCH!!! Just immediately, my head hurt almost everywhere, my world begin to spin around was not good at that point. As soon as I was able to stand and walk at the same time, I got up and took Leighlyn to church. My head continued to throb and bang but I survived. Within an hour, my upper shoulders and the back of my neck began to ache. So far, they've never stopped doing that. I am assuming that my "accident" is responsible for that pain as well...

THAT is NOT the end of my rough evening! We went about our furniture moving that I told you about and ate dinner. At about 8:30, a phone call came in and the caller asked for me. Once I had answered the phone, I discovered that it was from a local newspaper in our area. The representative was calling to see if we would be interested in re-subscribing to their paper. I told them "no" because we were not pleased with their delivery last Fall and Winter and so we decided that we could do without their news updates. (We erected a nice mailbox just for the newspaper. Unfortunately, the kids who delivered the paper, never seemed to be able to find it. Instead, sometimes we would find the paper in our driveway, sometimes in our front yard, or at other times, we wouldn't find it all. Because of this, we chose not to continue with our subscription. So far, our life has progressed quite well without it!

The representative apologized and offered us a full month subscription for less than a 5 dollar bill! I decided that we could try it again. I was asked to give our physical as well as mailing address. That was easy as both are the same. Then the rep told me that her supervisor would need to call me, herself, and make sure that the rep had gotten everything correctly. (This always bugs me! Do they think that I have all of the time of the world to answer a multitude of their phone calls??? LOL!!!)

Anyway, right after I had completed the first conversation, I moved to the computer armoire to check the blog one more time before I went to bed. Of course, after my earlier calamity, I was VERY careful not to hurt myself again. LOL! A few minutes later, the supervisor called me back. We had only been on the line for maybe a whole whopping minute when tragedy occured AGAIN!!! No, I was still sitting safely, or so I thought, in front of the armoire... While the representative was talking, my head was struck for the second time of the evening. It felt like someone was hitting me with a heavy stainless steel pipe, but, in fact, it was just our 6 foot tall standing lamp.

Before I had steamed our hard floor earlier in the day, I moved all of the table lamps and decorations off of the tables and moved them into the dining room so that I could move all of the furniture. I moved the standing lamp at the same time. I never moved those things back into the living room until just before dinner when we agreed the the new furniture placement was the best. Instead of putting the standing lamp where it belonged. I had just stood it up next to the computer armoire for some totally S--T--U--P--I--D reason!!! I must have unknowingly bumped it which caused it to topple over and drop it on top of my head. The top of the lamp has a VERY heavy glass top with a heavy brass decorative ring that sits on top of it. And, of course, those two things were what hit me.

The pain was very intense and sent me reeling. I was no longer able to concentrate on my phone conversation. Actually, all that I wanted to do was BAWL LIKE A BABY!!! Very politely and calmly, I explained to the supervisor that my head had just been hit by a very heavy object and I needed to go now. I hung the phone up and THEN I was able to cry. Ha! Ha! I discovered a small trickle of blood coming from my nose but nowhere appeared to be damaged to the point of blood needing to escape. After I regained my composure, I stood up gingerly, walked into the kitchen and took my normal nightly prescription medications with 2 extra-strength Tylenol capsules. I walked very carefully to the bedroom, around our bed that has extremely tall and thick wooden headboard and footboard that I did NOT want to hit my head with, laid down and went to sleep once the pain had fairly much subsided from my head. While I was lying there, I remembered my phone conversation with the representative's supervisor. I got to thinking about what that poor lady must've thought. From what I told her, she probably thought that someone had broken into our house and put me out of their misery while I was trying to talk to her!!! Ha! Ha!

It was a good night. I was not involved in any additional accidents while I slept. This morning when I got out of bed, I noticed that my shoulders and part of my neck are still hurting. Now, I completely understand why the biggest bulk of us die from accidents within a mile of our homes. That's alright. I'll be just fine. I've survived much worse pain from heart, etc surgeries. This, too, shall pass...


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