Thursday, December 2, 2010

Grade school kids in Wichita County

Don't be surprised if you see grade school-aged kids in Leoti walking in town with just their pajamas on today. No, their parents did not forget to put out clean clothes for them this morning. It is comfy clothes day at RBSES. This whole week is Read Week. The kids were not forced to wear their pj's. They could wear anything comfy but what is any more comfortable than a nice warm pair of pajamas??? Tomorrow, the kids are invited to bring a drink in a closeable bottle, 2 snacks and a blanket and pillow. For most of the day, the kids will just lie or sit on the floor while they read their favorite books. Isn't that neat??? I don't ever remember cool days like that at school! Tomorrow, parents, etc will come to school at set times to read their favorite story books to the students. I will be doing this at about 2:30. Abigayle and I are both looking forward to that! What Abi does NOT know is that I am going to send some class refreshments with her tomorrow. There are usually kids who, for one reason or another, do not get to take snacks to school. At least all of the kids in Abigayle's class will get some kind of goodies! Don't get me wrong. I am sure that the teachers will have snacks available for kids who forgot to bring their snacks, etc. I'll just feel better knowing that I did something. I think that I am going to make a bunch of cinnamon apples in my crockpot. I'll take the crockpot to school in the morning and leave it on WARM so that they will be tasty all day.

All of this week's activities were designed to encourage children to read. Awesome!!!



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