Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Great Christmas Gift!!!

It is not always easy selecting gifts for everyone on your Christmas list. This is something that many of us would appreciate if our homes have sealed hardwood, laminate, ceramic or porcelain tile or vinyl or linoleum floors. It is NOT intended for carpeted floors or for area rugs.

It is the SHARK Vac-Steam. Stan bought one of these for us several months ago and we LOVE it! It has one of the funnel-type bag systems for vacumming that does NOT use paper bags. When it is full, you just dump out the dirt, hair, etc and place it back into place.

After you have vacummed, which is wonderfully done, you can use the same machine to steam clean the floor. There is a thing that holds the washable cloth at the bottom of the machine. It is quite simply attached or unattached to the machine. You then place hot water into the water reservoir and click the machine ON. Within a very few minutes, the water is steaming from the bottom of the machine!

We did some "studies" with the machine. We swept the floor with our handy-dandy broom. Immediately after the floor was dust free, we fired up the SHARK. We were SHOCKED at how much hidden dirt and pet hair our SHARK picked up from a seemingly clean floor!!!

There is no need for any kind of detergent or chemicals to steam the floor. What is left behind is a fantastic rich shine and most germs and bacteria have been KILLED!!! Furthermore, this is the safest way I know of to clean your floor. Because the water that comes out of the machine is in steam form, the floor dries VERY quickly!!! The SHARK is wonderful for homes with indoor pets!

When you're all finished, remove your steam cloth from the machine's bottom and toss it into the washing machine with hot, soapy water. I also add chlorine bleach to my water. Wash it as you would a load of bath towels. BUT, when the cloth is washed and rinsed, DO NOT dry it in your dryer!!! Just lay it on a counter to dry. Otherwise, you might shrink the cloth--not good.

You can order the SHARK online or at many various stores. Stan bought ours at Wal-Mart in Garden City.

Just a shopping hint I thought that you might be interested in!


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