Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wooden Bread Loaf Slicing Apparatus

Several years ago, my sister, Lona Sue, gave me this apparatus for my birthday. I had just gotten my first out of FOUR bread machines and she knew that we used it VERY often. This apparatus is just GREAT and I thought that you might be interested in purchasing these for the bakers in your life!

The entire thing is made out of wood. The sides have grooves that run from the top to the bottom. These grooves are where your regular or electric knife will go to cut the bread slices evenly. For most loaves of bread, you will cut down each groove but some people prefer wider slices for certain varieties of bread. If that is the case, only cut at every two grooves.

It is quite simple to use! Just place the loaf between the sides and slice away. Can't get much simpler than that!!!


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