Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rene Mora Family

A great friend of mine gave me the information on the family whose home went up in flames. The homeowners are Mr. and Mrs. Rene Mora. My friend thinks that their daughters are Yadira DeLaCruz and Karla Hermosillo who both work at the dentist's office downtown.

Mr. Mora works at Heartland Mill in Marienthal. I just hung up from the secretary there. She gave me the following information: Right now, the family could use some help in filtering through the devastation at the house. If you can help, please go to their house. Work is underway as we speak. Mr. and Mrs. Mora speak very good English and are there.

At this time, it is difficult to say just what has survived and what is totally gone. The Moras believe that they may be able to save their clothes. I know that there are chemicals that can be purchased to put in the washing machine to take out the smoke damage. Hopefully, they will work for all of their clothes!

I also heard that people aided the Moras in removing the major appliances out of the kitchen. I do not know if they are still workable or not. If the furniture survived the fire, there is a cleaning system such as what Phoenix Restoration in Garden City uses that may be able to remove all smoke odor, etc. I do NOT know just how much damage was done to the furniture and other contents of the house.

If you are unable to reach Mr. and Mrs. Mora at their house, please call him later at Heartland Mill. That phone number is 620-379-4472.

I cannot think of a worse time of the year to go through a fire! We all need to bond together to help in any ways possible to help the Moras put the pieces back together... Even if you can just donate food to them, that would be great!!!

Thank you!!!



  1. Karla Hermosillo are not their daughter. Yadira De La Cruz is her daughter and she does work at the destist. Yadira is married to Nelson De La Cruz who works for the county. Thanks

  2. Thank you so much for the information!!! I appreciate it!!!



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