Friday, December 3, 2010

Sooooooooooooo Frustrating!!!

Each of the grade school students at RBSES were asked to bring a blanket and pillow to school today for their Read In. Each child was also told that they could bring two snacks and drinks today if they wanted to. Abigayle took apple slices and orange slices, lemonade and water. I also wanted to send a large Tupperware bowl full of the All-American Snack Mix that you heat in your crockpot. (I posted the recipe for it yesterday.) So, this morning at 3:15, I got out of bed, put the mixture together and placed it in the crockpot just as the instructions recommended. A couple of hours later, I noticed a smell that was not exactly enticing. I followed my nose because it always knows where it goes. It led me to the crockpot full of snack mix. At that time, I discovered that I had accidentally set the temperature dial at HIGH instead of LOW!!! I quickly dumped everything out of the crockpot and back into the bowl. I then went through it and pulled out the overly-heated pieces of Chex and Cheerios before putting them back into the pot. I am so disgusted with myself!!!!!!!!!!!

When the girls got up, they tasted the mix and thought that it tasted good so I went ahead and took it to Abigayle's class for everyone who is interested to try. I just hope that they enjoy it but I sure won't expect to get many compliments on this particular dish...


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