Monday, December 6, 2010

Where's the Line to See Jesus?

I am afraid that I have a confession to make to one and all. I LOVE receiving email but I am not always good about opening it as soon as it get to me. I ALWAYS open any personal email to me as soon as I find it in my mailbox but the jokes, etc have to wait until I have time to go through them.

My dear friend, Linda from Colorado Springs, sent this to us over the weekend. I FINALLY got to it now after pain refused to let me sleep. Actually, I am thankful for the pain now because of this beautiful song and message that we should all be thinking of at Christmastime and always.

Please go to

On the website, you will find a gorgeous music video starring Ms. Becky Kelley along with much more information that you may be interested in reading.

Thank you, Linda!!! God bless you!


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