Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Handicapped Version

Whenever someone leaves a comment on a post for me, it comes directly to our email account BEFORE it is recorded on the blog. That way, it is MY decision as to whether or not I want it to be posted. It has not always been that way but once "my fan(s)" began leaving nasty comments for all to read, I changed it so that I could be more selective. Guess what! It worked!!! I have not received anything hateful for over a month now.

So, anyway, I received 2 comments from Chris in regards to the Avocado/Salsa Dip. Of course, I wanted them to be published but for some reason, a page popped up instructing me to type in my email address on the first line, my password on the second line. Then I had to type in the squiggly letters that were listed under the password line. Normally, I have no trouble doing that. This time was different. Three different times, I was typing in the wrong letters. Leighlyn came over to give me her expertise. She, too, had difficulty in recognizing the letters so she pressed the symbol for "Handicapped Version". Well, let me tell you, THAT was no good either!

Once you click on the symbol for handicapped, a voice comes on that reads the letters to you. Sounds easy, right? WRONG!!! The voice level goes up and down and up... There is a great deal of muffling also. I'm not really sure how anyone can make heads or tails (or in this case, a's and b's) out of what they hear. Have you ever attempted to use the handicapped version???

So, I tried to READ the letters again and this time IT WORKED!!!

Sometimes I have to wonder if handicapped "help" systems really do that much good for anyone.


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