Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wynn Fairly, Champeen Rassler

Did my mispelled words send you for a loop? LOL!!!

I posted information about this community play awhile back. The Wichita County Arts Alliance has sent me the following information. I would like to add that the productions put on by W.C.A.A. are enjoyed by every person who attends them. Everyone, young and old, from everywhere, from far and near, is invited to come and watch. This play, in particular, is one that children will really enjoy! Don't forget to mark your calendars now!!! VLE-B

The Wichita County Arts Alliance, also known as The April Fool's Players, are happy to present Wynn Fairly, Champeen Rassler...or, "Get a Grip on Yourself"

Dates: FRIDAY, April 8 7:00 pm and Sunday, April 10, 3:00 pm (No Saturday show)

As the tradition began six years ago...You bring the Food, We provide the Entertainment!

Friday is a carry-in dinner, and Sunday is a carry-in dessert. Both shows usually play to a full house. Those attending are not required to bring food, there is always plenty for everybody! And, if you don't want to eat, or can't be there in time to eat, just come and watch the show. The performance usually begins about 30 minutes after the hour. This year a "rassling ring" will be center stage, and there will be chairs placed around it for those who want to get close to the action.

Other fun entertainment includes an intermission Charleston dance
by Kelsie Conard , Emily Everest and Abbey Fisher, directed by Jeanette Price. , and Joan Ayers will provide piano music, for everyone's pleasure.

We are once again expecting a packed house, at the First Presbyterian Church, whose members have generously shared their community room with us since the first year. This year a special prize at each show will be
given to a name drawn from first time attenders. "We are so grateful for the audiences we have had, but we know there are many others who have not managed to make it to a show yet. We hope this is the year we see many new faces."

As always, this is a clean and fun family show that promises great fellowship, lots of laughs and scrumptious food. Come one, come all, and you will not be disappointed!

SYNOPSIS: Wrestling fans are thrilled when local boy, Wynn Fairly, wins the regional tournament and is set to compete for the state title. Little do they know that Wynn's opponent, Rowdy Ruthless, has an unscrupulous, greedy manager, Tara Boneaparte. She'll stop at nothing to ensure her wrestler's victory! Tara's plan is to have Rowdy's seductive sister, Evileen, entice Wynn so that he falls head over heels for her (figuratively speaking, of course!) and loses his focus on the big match. Tara's plan gets knocked for a loop when Wynn meets and falls in love with Doe Ramey, a jingle singer at Cityville's all-girl radio station. In desperation, Tara and her crooked cohorts kidnap the innocent Doe. To save her, Wynn must lose the championship! Set in the roaring 20s, Billy St. John has a ring full of wacky characters: manager: Jim Locker, referee: Squinty Peepers, timekeeper: Belle Boynker, radio station owner: Hedda Fuller-Eyre and indecisive Mayor: Mae Bea Knott. As if that's not enough, there are also mortician: Mort Ripley, banker: Buck N. Vestor and lovesick: Bertha de Blooze...

Fresh and different from a traditional melodrama, the audience will be doubled over with laughter when they see Wynn Fairly, Champeen Rassler!



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