Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Important Notice About Upcoming Movie in Tribune

Most movies that are shown at the Star in Tribune are rated "G" or "PG-13". Once in a while, an "R" rated film is presented. The theatre is very particular on ticket purchases of these movies. I, for one, am very happy and proud that they are!

The movie, NO STRINGS ATTACHED, will be shown on Saturday and Sunday. Stan and I will be hosting the movie on Sunday. Because of the "R" rating, NO ONE under the age of 17 will be allowed to purchase a ticket for this show. If you, the parent, think that your child is mature enough to watch this movie that will be having nudity and sex in it, YOU must come into the theatre and buy the ticket for your minor child. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE! If the hosts have doubts about a certain person's age, we can and will ask to see identification before selling a ticket.

The parent does NOT have to stay for the movie if he/she does not want to. He/She just needs to be present when the ticket is purchased.

If you have any questions/comments on this issue, please email me at or call me at 620.375.4584.

Thank you!


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