Monday, March 14, 2011

What a day!!!

All day long, Stan continued to work on the bathroom floor. This afternoon, we discovered that the leak in the tubes carrying water to the bathtub faucet was not the only thing that was leaking. (Guess we know now why our water bill has been so high for such a long time...) Danley discovered than a plumbing elbow BELOW the floor where the soaking tub sits, had been leaking water for a l-o-n-g time. That portion of the floor was totally soaked AND dripping. Danley began removing the floor as quickly as he possibly could. The stink that appeared as soon as the rotted floor was removed was sooooooo nasty!

Stan then began covering the holes with the new flooring that we had purchased to do the job. It was soon discovered that we had not purchased enough wood because we were going to have to replace even more of the subfloor than we had originally thought.

Late in the afternoon, Stan stepped onto part of the floor that he thought was still stable. He changed his mind about the stability as soon as he FELL THROUGH IT!!! By the time that he landed underneath the house, his back had been twisted. Not good.

That was not the only problem that we faced today. I discovered what is worse than having a house with only one bathroom in it. It is one bathroom with a stopped-up stool-it! I plunged and plunged and then I plunged some more. Eventually the plug gave way and the stool-it is flushing perfectly again.

I felt so bad about all of the bad news that Danley discovered today so I just had to fry him some chicken for dinner. That appears to have made him feel somewhat better.

So, early tomorrow morning, we will be getting back at it in the bathroom again.

The girls are enjoying their spring vacation! Their trampolene is providing much exercise and entertainment.

Hey! If you are bored and are interested in helping us with our bathroom repair, come on over! We'll put you to work! LOL!!!


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