Friday, March 25, 2011

Walker Air Base

I received information today that was a reply from my Wednesday post "Military Bases in Western Kansas". Thank you, J!

He told me that there was once an Air Force Base in Walker, Kansas which is just east of Hays. I never had known that. People driving on l-70 can see some of the old buildings from the mega highway.



  1. Hey! I've been in Hayes. :) I spent the night there once in a motel - Drove up through Kansas from Four-Corners to get to the Interstate.

    :) All I remember is endless miles of flat feilds puncuated with a grain silo every 7-8 miles or so... that and the swim in the motel pool! There was a really hot breeze blowing that evening - I was completely dried out in just minutes after a cooling swim.

    Thanks again for helping me out. :)

  2. You basically just described most of Western Kansas perfectly. LOL! It is one of those places that many people hate to travel through. The good thing about Western Kansas is the fact that our people are wonderful! For the most part, our people will go out of their ways to help others in any other way. There's just not much diversity in our plain's scenery as you discovered. Our plains are just as plain as vanilla ice cream. Ha! Ha!

    And I know what you mean about being "dried out"!!! Our summers' heat coupled with the strong winds that we deal with a good portion of the time takes it's drying toll on all of us...

    Iggy, you've never told me where it is that you live. I THINK that you must live back East. Am I correct on that?

    Great hearing from you!!!



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