Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You Just Have To Go To This Moving Website!!!

Off and on for the past couple of weeks, I have come on here and shared my readings of Rev. Todd Burpo's "Heaven is for Real" with you. Well, I finished reading the last pages of this truly amazing book on Friday night as I watched the girls swim in the Days Inn pool. I was, once again, moved to tears when I read the final pages and tears flooded my eyes. If you have not already read this outstanding piece of literature, now is your turn to do so.

C.B. sent me this website that I was totally moved by. Please take a few minutes now to go to it and see what you think. In the first video, you will meet Colton, who is now 11, and his parents and see what all of them have to say about Colton's "trip" to Heaven. Immediately following that footage, you will have the opportunity to watch another video.


This book can be found in most bookstores around the U.S. and other countries. Many public libraries have it also. In our case, we ordered ours online from www.amazon.com .

I hope that you get as much as this outstanding story as I do...


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