Monday, March 21, 2011

Want a Puppy???

While we were in Colorado Springs last weekend, we met some of the nicest and most interesting people EVER! All of them were the kind of people whom you hated to say good-bye to. One such couple told us that they have 5 puppies that are just about ready to go to their forever homes. They are Chinese Crested Dogs. (If you have seen our Chloe and Barnum, you know what breed I am talking about.) Many times, they are the dogs that take first place in ugly dog contests. Now don't let that stop you from wanting to know more about them! This dog breed has personality PLUS, are very protective of their owners and are probably the most loving and easy-to-love-dogs around. They're also very difficult to find...

Right now, Brittany Ward of Colorado Springs, has 4 boys and 1 girl left. She is such a great lady and would love to keep all of them but can't do that, of course. Soon, Brittany, who is stationed at the Army base in Colorado Springs, is going to be deployed to Afghanistan. Of course, her little babies cannot go with her. If you want to provide a loving home for one or more of these little cuties, here is Brittany's contact information:


These puppies are already weaned and are even mat-potty-trained! I would recommend that you call her as soon as possible! They are asking $250.00 per puppy which is a great price for Chinese Crested Dogs!!!

It only takes a little over 3 hours to drive from Leoti to Colorado Springs. You can easily drive there and back in one day if you want to!


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