Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mexican Food Plates For Sale

Mrs. Roy (Theresa) Torres is trying to raise money to help cover Roy's medical expenses. Today, Friday and Saturday, she is offering HOMEMADE Mexican plates. Each plate consists of a beef enchilada, a bean and meat burrito, refried beans and rice. She is asking just $6.50 per plate. If you would like to pay more, I am sure that the money would be greatly appreciated.

Theresa would appreciate it if you could call as early as possible to order your food so that the food can be prepared fresh and ready to go when you get there! Their phone number is 620.375.4595. Their house is located on the corner of "E" and "Fourth" Streets. It is one block north of Wheatland Electric on the east side of the street.

At 11:00 on Wednesday morning, she has a few lunches that are still available for sale. She will be selling the plates for this evening, lunch and dinner on Friday and dinner on Saturday evening.

Thank you for any support that you can give!!!


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