Sunday, March 27, 2011

Here we go again!

Two weeks ago today, we began the floor project in our main bathroom. We discovered that 2 unknown water leaks from under the house were responsible for floors that were way too weak. Stan fixed the leaks and then replaced the subflooring and covered it up with beautiful Allure before he set the soaking tub, stool, and sink vanity back where they belong.

This past week, we had noticed that the flooring in our master bedroom that borders our master bathroom was softening. He tore into the damaged flooring this morning. The culprit for the bad flooring ended up being another water leak underneath the floor where the bathtub is located. Fortunately, Stan was able to fix the plumbing issue within just a few minutes. After that, he replaced the portion of the bedroom floor that was no longer good. All of a sudden, it was obvious to us as to why our water bill has been so terribly more expensive than other people whom we discussed this with.

It is a great feeling knowing that all of the leaks are now repaired and that the flooring is once again solid beneath our feet. It doesn't hurt to realize that our water bill should be returning to a much lower amount now.

There is only one thing that we need to take care of soon. That is to purchase more flooring to cover the new subfloor in our bedroom. The new flooring has a great deal of large splinters in it.


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