Friday, October 15, 2010

Additional Information for Residents of Southwest Kansas

If you clicked on to my blog last night or this morning, you found housing information in regards to . This morning, my friend called and gave me more information that many of you may be interested in!

Recently, she had spoken to a couple of people in Leoti who are receiving much-needed help from this organization to help them get their houses winterized. One couple will be receiving new windows, etc. A single woman with a family will be getting a new furnace, etc for her home.

All of these people went on to the website and clicked on PROGRAMS AND SERVICES. After that, they contacted the people at the bottom of my previous post.

When I clicked on to the P and S, I learned two more bits of information.

*** IHS operates the Kansas Weatherization Program (K-WAP).

*** They provide funding, assistance and rehabilitation services for homeowner-occupied housing in 25 counties in Southwest Kansas. (HRR)

I do not know what the cut-off is for low-income standards for them. If you are interested in knowing this, I urge you to contact IHS.

Over the next several years, more gas and electricity hikes are predicted. The more that we do to keep more warm air in our homes and cold air out of our homes, the less we will be having to pay for our utility bills and the more resources will be saved.


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