Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy birthday--to ME!!!

What a way to start out my birthday!  During the school week, Stan always calls me to wake us up to get ready for the day.  Before I was on so very much medicine, my body would automatically wake up at practically the same time every day so that I could get Adam and Leighlyn up at 7:00 a.m.  Since 2002 when my health ran away in a hand basket, I have a terrible time of waking up in the morning.  My seizure medicines really do their job--numbing my brain.  LOL!!!

Given the fact that today is the day that the schools are celebrating Halloween, we needed to be up a bit earlier so that I could help Leighlyn prepare herself for the contest today.  All junior and senior high students were asked to dress up for the holiday before they came to school.  Stan started calling much earlier than normal and no one answered the phone.  He finally had no recourse other than to call my cellphone.  Thank the Good Lord, I heard that ring!  Come to find out, neither of our cordless phones were placed on their chargers last night...  They are both being charged right now.  Though the phone has rung 5 times in the past 30 minutes, they are just barely charged enough to ring for one or two rings but they are not charged enough for me to talk to anyone or even to see the caller's name on our caller ID.  Bottom line, if you are the ones trying to call me, please call me on my cellphone:  620-376-8922.

My birthday celebration actually started yesterday evening.  We had to take Leighlyn to Pamida in Scott City to purchase some last minute make-up for her costume today.  Our sweet son, Adam, took us out to dinner while we were there!  We all had a wonderful meal at La Fiesta.  (The girls and I just adore their guacamole sundaes...)  After that, we returned home.

Once at home, I received an email that I am gonna get some kind of surprise from the Cakery Bakery in Scott City this afternoon.  MMM, mmm good!!!  Wonder if it is going to be white, chocolate or strawberry...  No matter what flavor it is, I'll love it!!!  I can hardly wait to see how it looks!!!!!!  We'll take a picture of it--PRE-KNIFE-- and post it here for all of you to view.  I am quite confident that it will give you a good idea of the artistry that Julie puts into all of her special occassion cakes!!!

Tonight, most of our family is meeting up at another of our favorite restaurants--Peking Garden--in Scott City for dinner.

I'll tell you what.  It is an amazing feeling knowing that my family loves me so very much to pamper me like this!!!  I hope that all of you have such wonderful love in your own lives!!!

Oh, and in case your are wondering just how old I am, I'll tell you.  I am 49 today.  Given the fact that I came extremely close to death in the Spring of 2002, I greatly appreciate each and every birthday.  I think that all of us should!  Our lives are a blessing from God.  We need to remember that each day that we wake up is a direct gift from Him.  It is up to us to take that day and do beautiful things with it.  Thank You, God!!!



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