Monday, October 25, 2010

I made it!!!

I just found out that a recipe that I submitted to Recipe 4 Living was accepted onto their website! If you are interested in having the recipe, just click on the following word: null

Believe me, this is an outstanding recipe that adults and kids both love!!! If you do not have the steak, substitute it with a beef or pork roast. What about pork chops???



  1. What's the recipe? I really don't want to give out all my info. Congrats to you!!!

  2. It is Crockpot Steak With the Works. You use gooseneck round steak OR roast OR pork chops. They are cooked with potatoes, a pound of frozen vegetables of your liking. Everything is smothered with cream of mushroom/onion soup mix sauce. Tasty!!! If you want all of the particulars, let me know and I will email the recipe to you. Thank you!!!!!


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