Friday, October 15, 2010

Early birthdays!!!

My 49th birthday is not until October 29th. Leighlyn will turn 13 on November 13th. Of course, Leighlyn is looking forward to her birthday! I don't get such a big kick out of mine anymore, however, I place a great deal of respect for it now considering the fact that my birthdays should have come to an end in 2001.

Of course, Leighlyn has a list of items that she wants for her special day. I really can't think of anything that I want or need that could make my life any more complete than what I already have.

My new big sister, Chris (Campbell) Knowles, went out of her way to make this birthday much more special than I deserve! She called me a week ago and told me that she was send ing a "little something" to Leighlyn and I for our birthdays plus some goodies for Stan and Abigayle, too! She also told me that she was sending this package with registration so that we would have to sign for it. That way, the delivery person would not just leave it out on the front porch.

Now, anyone who knows my Chris, also knows that she never does anything so-so. She goes WAY-OUT there to really make people feel her love! In the past, she has sent us jewelry, clothes, gorgeous artwork from Italy, a leather-bound book with blank pages for me to write what will someday, possibly, become a publishable book. We have received fine candies that are not normally found anywhere around Leoti, perfumes and potions, etc., etc., etc... Each item is individually wrapped with beautiful paper and placed in gift bags with handmade cards on them that states who that particular bag is intended for. Opening these boxes is just like Christmas around here!!!

Well, the package arrived here early yesterday afternoon. The delivery person who brought it to our door told me that she practically needed a wheeled cart to tote it to our house. Once I took it, I could also see how heavy it was!

I took the box to the living room and set it down on the coffee table. Try as I did NOT to open the box before Stan and the girls came home, I failed myself. The next thing that I knew, I had a pair of scissors in my hand and I was tearing through all of the packaging tape to get into the goodies!

Once the box top was removed, I was able to see the treasure that seemed to be glowing and glistening! LOL!!! Carefully, I pulled this gift bag out, that gift bag out, this card and on and on. I pulled out a bag that had my name on it. Carefully, I unwrapped the exquisite paper around the contents. I found a plum-colored coin purse and it's matching keychain that holds room for two pictures of my little angels. They were beautiful! I thought that they would put my new purse that I had purchased ON SALE for just $2.50 two weeks ago, to shame once they were placed in it. LOL!!! Then... I discovered a LARGE bag in the box. It also had my name on it so I gingerly pulled it from the box. (I did not want to do anything to disturn the beauty of the rest of the treasures!) As soon as I pulled the paper out from around the gift, I discovered a LARGE bag that matched the coin purse and keychain!!!

Now, Folks, this is where I need to stop and explain something to you, all. In case you have not figured me out yet, I am a less than simple person when it comes to personal fashion. I can tell you what the latest home fashions are, what the current "in" colors are, what this antique is, etc, but I CANNOT tell you how to dress to look successful. No matter what purse, shoes, etc that I purchase and wear, ever seem to "make the grade" of what other people expect. When you are as unattractive as I am, you just buy the cheapest garments out there that will cover each and every roll and wrinkle. You definitely do not go out and buy the most glamorous outfits that designers have to offer!!! I try to do better when it comes to buying clothes for my beautiful daughters. Even then, I miss the mark. I rely on Mama and my sisters to coordinate their clothes and personal accessories when I don't do so well.

Even though I did not yet know what brand these purses and keychain were, I new that they were HIGH QUALITY items. Chris and Peter hd also sent beautiful candles for Mama, Lori, Lona Sue and us. I gathered up Mama and Lori's candles, placed them in my new bag along with the Chanel Perfumes, etc that C and P had also included our box. I took them straight to Leif and Lori's house. I barely walked into their house when I saw Lori's eyes enlarge. Her mouth dropped open and she asked me "is that leather?' To which I replied, "I don't know. It might be..."

I took the gift laden bag to Lori. She asked me if I had any idea what company this bag had come from. I said "no". Lori showed me the leather tags which revealed that they were COACH!!! Mama, Lori and I all gasped for air!!!

Have you priced out COACH bags and accessories lately??? You'd be STUNNED to know just how much these are worth!!! I seriously doubt that I have spent that much money on all of the bags that I have ever had in my entire life!!!

This oarticular selection is Plum, plum. The bag was made to carry your personal items, laptop computer, diapers, etc. I have NEVER seen or touched anything like it! I laughingly told Mama and Lori that I should probably call my sister-in-law, Shelly Blau, who is also our insurance agent and tell her to insure the bag also!!!!!

Since then, I have showed it off to other friends who simply cannot believe that I have it!!! I still cannot believe that Chris and Peter think so highly of me to buy me such a jewel... Today, the girls and I had to make a quick trip to Garden City. As soon as I walked into Wal-Mart, I could feel eyes scanning my new purse! I took NO chances of it being taken away from me!!! I secured it into our cart with the child safety belt in the grocery cart!!!

When the girls got home, they tore right into their latest treasures from C and P. They were not quite as gentle with the wrappers as I was. They couldn't get into their gifts quickly enough as far as they were concerned!

Leighlyn recieved an exquisite black jacket, black shirt and printed skirt. Now, I have seen gorgous clothing before but these three pieces took the cake! Leighlyn showed them to my family today. Grandma told me that we need to get her name on the tags. As beautiful as they are, someone might try to take them as their own.

Abigayle was thrilled with her AMERICAN GIRL book that was sent to her in addition to a great many other wonderful things! She has hardly laid it down since yesterday afternoon!!!

Chris and Peter never forgot Stan. In our many conversations with Chris, they have both discovered that they have simlar taste for black licorice. Of course, Stan has only eaten anise candy from the U.S. and Mexico. Chris loves black licorice from Australia. She sent her two large bags of it. He is soooooooooooo very impressed with it! He is keeping it in the refrigerator to keep it as fresh as possible.

It is my wish that each and every one of you are pampered as much as we were yesterday... Life is goooooooooooooood!!!

Love you, Chris and Peter!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wish that there was something that we could do or give to you that would make you feel as we do..........


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  1. Sis

    Told ya - Dairy King Double Cheeseburger but thank the good Lord you can't get it to Italy - because then I would have to work it off!

    Love to all of you ---


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