Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nitrogen in your tires?

I just returned from Tribune a few minutes ago. While I was there, I noticed a sign in an automotive store that advertised that you can now purchase nitrogen there to inflate your tires. Since then, I have also found out that KT Tires in Leoti also offers nitrogen. I did some research on the matter and thought that you might be interested into checking in to it also.

These are the credits for nitrogen:

1. Enhances the handling of your vehicle.
2. Improves fuel efficiency
3. The larger molecules are the least permeable and stay in your tires longer.
4. It extends the life of tires.
5. Usage of nitrogen protects Earth.
6. And, finally, tires filled with nitrogen keep their car's people safer.

On the down side, I have heard that it is more expensive at the onset to fill your tires with nitrogen. I cannot actually tell you what the price is though. But, you should be able to save money by the fact that you should not need to replace your tires as often as otherwise.

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  1. That is so interesting. I'd never heard of that before. Might be something good to check into. Thanks for posting that!

  2. Saw a short story on FOX news about nitrogen in tires, and they say the savings is not worth the cost, mostly NAScar people who do this.


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