Friday, October 8, 2010

A misunderstandng on my information on MERSA

I received a comment that portrayed my information on this scary infection as saying that only the "poor and dirty" have the only reason to fear this particular type of Staph Infection. NO, NO, NO!!! That is NOT what I was trying to tell anyone!!! Every last one of us can pick up this nasty. I consider myself to be ANYTHING than an expert on this matter, however, I have done some research on this infection so that I can be better prepared to keep my family, friends, my readers and, yes, even myself, well.

MANY cases of this infection have originated in the extremely clean hospitals of the world. Let me back up just a few feet here. Our hospitals use extremely powerful cleaning agents to kill as many germs as possible because of the very ill people who are staying in hospitals. Even though they usually have access to these more intensive cleansers than most of us do, I can tell you that I would never pick up any food that I may have dropped on their pristene looking floors and eat it!!! A patient goes into the hospital with problems other than MERSA. When he leaves, he MIGHT take MERSA home with him. I NEVER meant to imply that this is an infection that whom-so-ever contracts it, is a filthy member of the financially challenged in our world today.

The commenter also stated that if an infected person sits in a chair, gets up and moves on down the road and then later, someone else sits in the same chair will NOT be infected. According to what MAYO has published on the internet, it CAN and DOES spread just that easily. Now you can choose to accept what I wrote or you can compile your own information which I whole-heartedly recommend you to do.

I remember in the early 1980s that MOST of the world's population believed that if you were not a gay man who was currently having a sexual relationship with other men, you had no reason to fear this devastating disease. Of course, we later found out that ANYONE could contract this through bodily fluids. ANYONE who engages in sexual activity takes the risk of being infected. I remember that people were concerned later on that they may be able to pick AIDS up by sitting on a toilet seat that an infected person had also sat on. That, of course, was not the case. Thank the Good Lord!!! So, we ran the gambit from only gay men all the way to the toilet fear possibility. Somewhere along the way, when more research was done on this dreadful virus, we discovered what possible culprits could be discarded and what sources could actually transmit the disease. I have no doubt that as time goes by and more research is done, that we will learn that we may have been wrong in various things that could perpetuate the contractions of MERSA, as well as finding that there were other things and places that oculd help this infection from going from one person to another.

If I wrote something that caused anyone to believe that only poor, dirty people living in filthy homes were capable of being the next MERSA victims, I apologize! However, ALL of US need to realize that if we are doing very little or nothing to clean our homes and laundry with appropriate cleansers, we do stand a better chance of become sick with MERSA.

I also hope that I did not give the impression that MERSA is capable of being an epidemic or pandemic. It is not as simple as Influenza to pass on or to catch. This is not air-borne. It is blood-borne. I just believed and I STILL believe that we need to arm ourselves with as much information as possible to keep ourselves and our family as healthy as possible.

Now, PLEASE go out there and do your own research on MERSA. Surely by reading the expert advice on the infection from a totally up-to-date research source, you can believe it.


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