Wednesday, October 20, 2010


CBS's THE TALK began at 1:00 CST on Monday, October 18th. So far, I have seen 2 editions of it and can honestly say that I like it! I enjoy every last hostess on the show. Today, a pregnant dancer from DANCING WITH THE STARS made an appearance. The hostesses tried to decide what sex the baby will be. One thought that it was going to be a boy because of what she had learned from an old wive's talk that claimed that "if the woman is carrying a girl, all of the beauty will drain out of her face and be passed on to the unborn baby girl." Since the soon-to-be-mommy was still just as beautiful as ever, the hostess chose a cute little blue bear for the baby.

Another of the hostesses gave her a pink blanket just because she had a "feeling" that the baby would be a girl. Another, held up two hangers. One had a bloue sleeper hanging from it. The other hanger held a pink sleeper. Then, she asked the mother-to-be if her husband had "many girlfriends" before they met. Her belief was that if the husband had led a life with just a few girlfriends, he would be blessed with a baby boy, BUT, if he had had more than his fair share of ladies, he would be blessed with a baby girl. She believes that girl baies go to men as sort of a punishment for all of the girls' hearts he broke.

The sonogram proved that the baby is a little girl! Guess her daddy must've been "well-liked" also. LOL!!!

Now, in the case of my Danley and our three children, I am left with an unanswered question: Our son is, of course, a boy. He came before our daughters, Leighlyn and Abigayle. BUT...he was originally born to another family whom we adopted him from. So...since Leighlyn was our first biological child, does that mean that Danley was well liked also??? LOL!!!

Folks, my Daddy had three daughters (which he always prayed to have). The answer is "YES", he was extremely well thought of by the ladies...

Just something cute that I thought that you might enjoy hearing!!!


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