Sunday, October 17, 2010

Greeley County Secures Date for Halloween

This year, Halloween makes it's grand appearance on Sunday. In the past when that has happened, some communities have chosen to celebrate it on the previous Friday or Saturday evenings. That way, trick-or-treaters can be out later than they would normally be out on a school night. Stan and I would really appreciate it if Wichita County chose to do Halloween on Saturday this year.

I have heard from Greeley County people who have told me that Greeley Countians will be celebrating on Saturday, the 30th.

So far, I have heard nothing official from people who live in Scott City or Leoti in regards to when Halloween will be celebrated this year. Everyone who I've spoken to about it is hoping that Saturday will be the big night here.

As far as the Leoti Blau family is concerned, we would like to invite all of you, ghosts and goblins, etc, to the Blaus house on Saturday evening! We will have our parking lot light, porch light and backyard light turned on just for YOU!!!


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