Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sexual Predators of Children

I recorded yesterday's edition of OPRAH. This morning, I watched it and was HORRIFIED! I learned some new things that I want to pass on to everyone else.

1. Do not allow your child to spend any time with an adult whom you do not know and therefore, should not trust.

2. Tell your child to not be "roped in" by adults who just seem to appear out of nowhere with a puppy or dog or cat...

3. Don't allow your child to work for adults if you do not know them unless you are going to be with the child the entire time. For example: cleaning house, doing lawn work, walking the dog, etc.

Some of the worst molestors out there are your next door neighbor, minister, priest, teacher, Boy Scout leader, etc.

ALWAYS encourage your child to talk to you and to be open with anything that might be bothering them. If you learn that someone may have touched your child inappropriately, NEVER scorn your child for this activity!!!!!! Contact your doctor and police right away!!!

Don't think that just because you live in a small town such as Leoti, Kansas, you have no reason to be concerned about child molestors. THEY LIVE EVERYWHERE!!!

I know 3 adult men who have all endured being raped by men when they were just boys. Out of the three, only one man was able to survive with no major flaws mentally and emotionally. The other two still suffer to this moment in time. If you have a child who has been brutalized like this, get psychological help IMMEDIATELY for that person. It is never too early nor too late to get counselling.


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