Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wichita County Junior High's Facelift

For months, I have been updating you on the various changes here and there that have been happening at the new grade school. Once things began to wrap up on the new buildings, we began to see much work being done on the junior high which until the 1970s, was the Wichita County Community High School (WCCHS). All windows in every room and in the gym have now been replaced with brand new ones. Just those new windows made an amazing difference to most onlookers. Then, just when we didn't think that the building could look any better, out came the brick stainers. These artists in their own right, stain each and every old brick so that it matches the new bricks on the new buildings. Honestly, I think that if you were a person driving through Leoti, you would not think that there was a major "age gap" between the original school and the new school. What a beauty!!!

It has been interesting listening to the people who once laughed at the prospect of new dome buildings being built to house our grade school and gymateria. (A gymateria is the building that was constructed to be the school's cafeteria at lunchtime and the gym later during the day.) Those people seem to have lost their chuckles now. Instead, I believe that most, if not all, citizens of Wichita County are quite impressed and proud of what we now have in Leoti.


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