Sunday, October 17, 2010

Anonymous Meetings in Leoti???

I am trying to get some information for a couple in Wichita County. They are wanting to know what ___Anonymous groups meet here. The last that I knew, Alcoholics Anonymous had a group here. Do they still get together? Other Anonymous groups that I an aware of are Narcotics, Overeaters and Sex Addiction. If there are any other Anonymous groups out there that I did not mention here, please give that information to me also.If any of those meet somewhere in the Wichita, Scott, Greeley or Finney Counties, would you please let me know? Also, if you know when and where these well-respected meetings are conducted, please let me know that also. It would probably be best if I just had the group's leader's name on here IF IT IS OKAY WITH HIM OR HER OR THE LOCATION OF THE MEETING(S). I am sure that there are more people in our area other than these two who could benefit from these meetings...

Thank you!!!


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  1. Thursday at 7:30 p.m. @ Christ Covenant church 205 N. Wyoming Leoti,KS


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