Friday, October 8, 2010

One more thing on MERSA

For those of you out there who seem to be thinking that I am making a big deal over nothing when it comes to MERSA, I would like to tell you this. Ever since my heart surgery in 2002, I have been cautioned by my cardiologists, neurologist, dentist and medical doctors, that it is vital to my health that I not have any infections. One infection, no matter how mild it might be, or where it might be located, could literally KILL ME! Even a tiny infection on my foot could cast bacteria to my heart. My life would be over. Even when I have simple dental work done, I have to take an antibiotic for several days. And, I know that I am NOT the only person in this world who is that fragile.

I also do not consider myself to be poor, dirty or living in a house that is unhealthily un-clean. Even so, I realize that none of us are exempt from this infection.


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