Sunday, October 17, 2010

Milk Glass

Recently, I made a trip to one of my favorite hangouts--Effie's Thrift Shop in Scott City, Kansas. Though I was not looking for Milk Glass Water and Wine Goblets when I walked through Effie's door, (I had a much more practical item that I was in need of), I soon came face to face with her collection of 12 goblets that were setting on a shelf. I really like this particular style of antique glassware and have since I was of grade-school age. I just HAD to check them out. These goblets are white with a pattern that is 3-D of grapes and vines. There is no color. Everything is white. Each goblet was marked with a $1.00 price tag but the tags were pink in color. Last week, if you purchased anything with a pink tag, the purchase price was half off. In Effie's shop, each item receives a colored price tag. Then, every week, Effie places a sign on her front door telling customers what color of tag will produce even better bargains than others.

I couldn't pass them up and my daughters were in full agreement with me. We had to give those goblets a new home--OURS! So for a total of $6.00 plus Scott County tax, they were ours.

This morning, I did some research on the internet. So far, I have found that each perfect goblet is worth anything from $12-19.00. As far as my naked eye can detect, all of these goblets are as perfect as they can get. I think that I did quite well with the price that I paid for these antiques! At this time, I have no interest in selling these jewels. Instead, we plan on using them for special events for family and friends. (Of course, the littler kids will NOT be using these. LOL!!!)

When I was a little girl, my parents had a candy dish constructed from this glass. It has been gone for a long time. I also remember that we once had some plates from this style when we were first married--and DUMB!!! Back then, they did not mean nearly as much to us as they should have. Some of them were later broken. Eventually, we gave the others away. Wish I had them back today...

Of course, there are other glassware designs from the same era that these were made that are worth much more today than Milk Glass, for example, Carnival Glass which I also LOVE, but I think that I could become a serious collector of this style anyway. Maybe I need to start scouring garage sales, thrift shops, antique shops a bit more often...


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