Sunday, October 17, 2010


Last Thursday was the last school day for the week. Uncle Charlie Blau was the substitute driver for the bus that takes our daughters to and from school. I was not at home when the bus dropped off the 2 dozen kids at our bus stop that day. While I was en route home, Abigayle called me. It was quite evident that she was broken-hearted about something. Come to find out, she had left her school bag on the bus. Of course, that was a terrible tragedy. LOL!!! After all, she had second grade homework to do and so did her parents, in that bag!!! (Our homework was to fill out her Pre-conference Form for her teacher that she was to bring to school with her on Monday morning.)

Given the fact that Abigayle takes her school responsibilites quite seriously, not handing in her homework (or ours) at the given time, just would not do!!! Stan called Uncle Charlie and made arrangements for the bag to be delivered to us when he came back to town this weekend. As he promised, Uncle Charlie has delivered his end of the deal to us. Now, Abigayle will be quite happy!


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