Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who cares???

Wichita County parents of current students have been invited to go to visit with their children's teachers Monday and Thursday evenings of this week. We met with Abigayle's teacher on Monday. From there, we made our way to the Jr/Sr High School for Leighlyn's conferences. We missed getting to see two of her teachers so we returned tonight to see them.

In the past, conferences were held on one evening and one morning every semester. Morning conferences were not well attended because of the fact that so many parents were working during the day. To accomodate parents, the morning meetings have been deleted and another evening session has been added.

Card tables were set up just outside of the principal's office. Six boxes were in place to contain each particular class' students' report cards. Since it was only about 5:30 on Monday when we arrived, very few report cards had been pulled from the 7th grade class box. Tonight,we went back to the school to visit with Leighlyn's other two teachers. We were dismayed to see that all six boxes contained the bulk of the report cards. It is beyond us how so few parents appear to care enough about their children's educations. Hmmm...Suppose that might be part of the reason our education system has failed so many in the past couple of decades??? If the parents don't care, who else will???


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