Monday, October 18, 2010

Anonymous Meetings

Last night, I asked for any information on any of the Anonymous meetings that are available in our area. I have since learned that Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meets every Thursday evening at 7:30 CST at Christ Covenant Church in Leoti. It is located at 205 North Wyoming. I also learned that it is rather difficult to find available Narcotic Anonymous (NA) meetings in our area so it is fine and well accepted that people who suffer with narcotic addiction join in at the AA meetings. Those addictions are quite similar.

So far, I have not heard of any concrete meetings in Tribune or Scott City. I was given the name of a couple in Scott City who can help you. Please call me at 375-4584 if you need their names.

Garden City's New Chance Organization on Fulton Street welcomes all people who have problems with addictions to alcohol and/or narcotics. They have meetings everyday at noon and evening.

I also have the name and telephone number of someone in Leoti who is very willing to be your sponsor or just someone whom you can call on for support anytime, night or day. If you want that phone number, please call me.

I have not found any information in regards to Gamblers or Sexual Anonymous meetings. If you have any issues with these two addictions or any others, I recommend that you contact your clergy.

Thank you!!!


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