Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bullied to Death

Recently, I watched a well-known and respected TV talk show that dealt with the topic of bullying that usually begins in the early years of grade school and carries through into adulthood in many cases. Before computers opened up such things as FACEBOOK, MY SPACE, TWITTER, etc, alot of the victims were able to get a brief break from bullies once the were back in the safety of their own homes. Now, much of the cruel and merciless attacks carry on for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Many of these victims are being bullied for such things as their looks, the way they dress, hygiene, religion, way they talk, who their family is, where they live, what their parents drive, what someone in their family has done in the past, right on but not limited to their individual sexual preferences--or at least what the bullies think the victim's sexual orientation is. Some of these kids skip school, hide under their school desks and cover themselves with their coats. Others turn to alcohol and drugs. Once the bullying finally goes too far, way too many of these kids resort to suicide. One teenager tried suicide 3 times before he finally succeeded in killing himself.

At least one girl was teased so much for being caught kissing another girl, that a group of bullies attacked and took turns raping her supposedly in "an attempt to show her what she was missing by choosing women over men". Out of this group of rapists, only one was punished through the legal system. His punishment--20 hours of community service. What is wrong with our supposed law enforcement??? She is not the only girl who has endured this horror. It happens many times every year.

Bullying changes the character of the bullied. In some cases, parents and siblings can hardly recognize these loved and cherished ones.

It is past time for all of us to wake up and take heed to these tragedies! These victims are REAL PEOPLE not just headlines!!! Bullies and victims exist in each and every school. NO school system is free of bullies. Some school systems such as Wichita County have hired bully experts to come to their schools to educate the teachers as well as the students. Hopefully, this measure will help to break down the numbers of these kids who are literally facing their lives ending in ruin--and, in some cases, DEATH.

One thing that is preached to everyone in these seminars is that bystanders MUST go to a responsible adult for help. Of course, the brave bystanders will face the bullies themselves and do all that they can to stop the bullying. Not all kids are capable of doing that.

Family and churches need to support these victims.

If you know someone who is being terrorized by bullies, advise them to do the following:

1. Go to their family.
2. Go to their friends.
3. Go online and seek out support groups.

EVERYONE needs to make a difference by being open-minded and make it clear to others that you DO NOT condone bullying. Your involvement may actually save someone's life--literally.

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