Friday, October 29, 2010

No. It really was NOT an accident

This morning, we worked on Leighlyn to make her look as BAD as possible!!!  LOL!  The junior and senior high students were to come to school in their Halloween costumes this morning if they wanted to do it.  Leighlyn decided that she wanted to look like she was in a motorcycle accident.  By the time that her metamorphisis was complete, I really got an eerie feeling that I really did not like!

We took a pair of her old jeans that she used for just working around the house and took a little tiny hole that was in one of the knees and RIPPED it wide open.  By the time that we pulled, tugged and used scissors on it, you would have thought that she had been in some kind of a wreck.  Of course, we did not stop there!  We wrapped some guaze around her head and applied "blood" to part of it.  We ended up getting some of it into her eye.  Fortunately, she was able to rinse it out!  Then, we wrapped more guaze around the top of her left arm.  She wore an apparatus on one of her legs that are used for people with severely sprained ankles.  She wore a nylon on her left arm that covers her arm from the shoulder to her wrist that is just covered with tattoo after tattoo designs on it.  We also had a pair of crutches out for her to take with her.  At the last moment, she decided to leave them at home.

Now, Abigayle will be celebrating Halloween at school later this afternoon so we just bagged everything up and she took it.  She found the absolute cutest mask I have ever seen at Wal-Mart a couple of weeks ago!  It is a white mask with soft pink cheeks, glitter all over it and some furry ears attached to it.  We also bought her a frilly skirt because she wanted to look like a "girl bunny".  The two were adorable with a white tee shirt but she also found a large pair of real feathered angel wings that she just had to have.  Now she calls her costume a "road killed rabbit that went to Heaven!"  That girl's imagination really goes out there sometimes!!!

Stan will be taking her trick-or-treating on Sunday.  Leighlyn and I will be staying at home to hand out treats and one of our favorite things on Halloween--watching ghost documentaries on TV.  We just LOVE doing that!!!

Happy Halloween to all of you!!!


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