Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pro-Life Voter's Guide

As a Christian, I have NO idea how anyone can choose to vote for abortion in most cases.  Maybe I am wrong for believing that if the mother's life is in danger, it is okay to abort the baby.  But when it comes to just the everyday abortion where a baby is killed just because the father and mother decide that they do not want a baby, I believe that that is out and out legalized murder!!!  I understand that women are impregnated each and every day who do not want the baby.  If that is the case, believe me there are MANY people out here who would very happily adopt that same baby.  Give me a call.  I'll tell you how very much we adore children and how dreadful it is to live childless when you so want a child...

As most of us are aware, our next election is next Tuesday, November 2nd.  I would like to post the following information for those of us who are in favor of Pro-LIFE.

U.S. Senate:  Jerry Moran (Republican)

U.S. House:  Tim Huelskamp (Republican)

Governor/Lt. Gov.  Sam Brownback/Jeff Colyer (Republicans)

Secretary of State:  Kris Kobach (Republican)

Attorney General:  Derek Schmidt (Republican)

State Treasurer:  Ron Estes (Rebublican) and Dennis McKinney (Democrat)

Ks. State Representative:  Don Hineman (Republican)

Ks. Court of Appeals:  Henry W. Green, Jr.

Always remember that children are gifts that only God can give.


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