Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bacon, anyone?

Stan drives a semi-truck for Seaboard Foods in Leoti. He delivers the feed for the hogs from farm to farm. Every three months, the employees are invited to purchase Seaboard Pork. It is WONDERFUL!!! If you have ever purchased a Baconater or Bleu Burger at Wendy's, you've eaten pork from Seaboard. Those particular sandwiches use applewood smoked bacon and are DELICIOUS!!! One of the items that we can purchase is pre-cooked bacon. It's good and we've sold a bunch of it to friends. Given the fact that it is a convenience food, the price is fairly high for a small amount of bacon. The reason for that is because of the extra labor that is required to cook the bacon before it is packaged. We can also buy cases of uncooked bacon. That is what we do. We LOVE the applewood bacon!!!

Recently, my aunt told me that she covers her cookie sheet with strips of the raw bacon and then bakes them in the oven until they are cooked. Then, after they cool, she places the cooked bacon in freezer boxes or plastic bags and freezes them until she needs it again. One of the advantages to doing it this way is the fact that there is less clean-up because of grease on the stove and countertops, etc. Another advantage is that you can crumble bacon for salads, etc without having to take time out to fry it first.

Anyway, just an idea that I wanted to pass on to you...


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  1. Hey Lynn! How is your summer going? Did you say that you can sell bacon to people? If so, how much is it? I once ordered pork loin from someone from Seaboard, and it was sooooo awesome!! Thanks


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