Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lori--Saturday Evening

I have heard from several of you who are concerned about my Lori. I simply cannot tell you how much your thoughts and prayers have meant to each and everyone of us--especially Lori.

Things are very tough for all of us right now. Lori had her Ct Scan yesterday morning. MANY things were found to be off with her. She has Divertillisas. I probably butchered that spelling. Sorry about that! Her's is terribly inflamed right now. It is definitely partially to blame for her condition.

Another thing is that she has absceses (pockets of infection) in her abdomen. Along with them are pockets of free-moving fluid which doctors are hoping are not puss.

Because of how long she has gone with no medical personnel taking her complaints seriously, the infection has passed into her blood stream and has perforated into her bowels.

Currently, she is hooked up to a Central IV where she is receiving her morphine for pain control, anti-biotics, nutrients and moisture. Doctors are not allowing any food or water through her mouth for at least 48 hours so that her bowels can relax.

Last night, Friday, her heart stopped beating two times.

Since she began having her major symptons on July 6th through yesterday, Lori has lost 90 pounds. That's right, Folks! I said NINETY POUNDS!!! That was from the excess water that most doctors failed to do anything about.

Originally, Leif and Lars, my mom, Stan, the girls and I had planned on returning home today so that we could get changes of clothes, more prescription medications, etc. Once we heard that her heart had stopped twice last night, we decided that we could spend at least one more night before we head for Leoti.

The surgeon was into see her again this afternoon. He along with her other doctors in Hays are working tirelessly to find all of the answers for her problems. It is entirely possible that she will require surgery to remove the absceses and pools of fluid next week. We will not know more about that until Monday or Tuesday when the next CT Scan is performed.

In the meantime, PLEASE keep Lori in your prayers. As her doctor told us yesterday, Lori is very, VERY sick. Whenever I have time to write on a computer, I will continue to update you. Please call me at 620-376-8922 if you so want.

Thank you!!!


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