Friday, July 23, 2010

Let it rain! Let it rain!

We drove through some pretty scary weather from Dighton to home last night. It was complete with DIRT that we could see coming at us for miles before we reached it, strong winds and VERY heavy rains for many miles. The rain was so blinding that most vehicles pulled onto country roads and parked until the rain had decreased. Once parked, it felt like the wind would roll us over.

According to weather reports, Scott County had already received 5-6" of rain BEFORE the heavy rain had passed! Ditches were full and water was crossing the highway around the two feedlots between Leoti and Scott City.

Here at home, from what we were told, things were not as dramatic. I just dumped our rain guage a few minutes ago. We had received an 1.20". Believe me, at our house, we were thankful for each and every drop that fell! With the current water crises in Leoti, we are doing our best not to water the yard and garden.


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