Friday, July 23, 2010

What a mess!!!

As you know, the girls and I drove Lori and my mom to Hays yesterday for another doctor's appointment. We had to leave early in the morning. Due to the fact that we were expecting great heat, 100 plus temperatures, we elected to leave the herd in the house. Of course, they had remained alone until Stan returned at around 6:00 last evening.

Well, when he came home, he discovered that the dogs had been naughty. Our sofa and loveseat have HUGE fluffy cushions at the back of the furniture which are not attached. All of them including the throw cushions were tossed about the living and dining room floors. Given the fact that he had to leave right away, he was unable to do anything except for put his lunch bucket on the kitchen counter and leave.

Well, when he was out by Marienthal, Leif called him on his cellphone and asked him where he was. Stan told him. Leif then told him that our phones were calling 9-1-1 repeatedly. Stan explained that no one was at home to make those calls. Leif and the police came to our house to make sure that all was well. The storm was probably responsible for causing a short in the phone lines. the time that Leif and the police were here, the naughty dogs had evidentally gone onto some kind of strike. When we got here, the trashcan in the kitchen was tipped over and trash was strewn throughout the house on floors AND on furniture! Dirty laundry was dragged from here to there... Magazines were taken off of end and bed-side tables and torn up. You get the picture, I am sure! Our dogs were getting even with us for leaving them alone for so long. To make things worse, a couple of them hate rainstorms. The storm just aggravated the whole sha-bang.

We learned a lesson yesterday. Actually a few lessons were learned. No longer will we leave a full trash receptacle in the house when we are not here. We will be closing bedroom and utility room doors so that the herd will have no access to dirty laundry.

What a mess!!!


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  1. You need to call Victoria Stillwell from the show "It's Me or the Dog"! She does amazing work! :) I had a dog get up on the kitchen counter and tip-toe through an open butter dish, and then checked out every floor surface in the house! We later decided he must have eaten some too...found some nasty "evidence" in the hallway!


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