Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Update on Lori

Just heard from Mama. They are in Topeka right now--4:25 p.m. That is 72 miles away from K.C. Mama had just spoken to Lori via telephone. Lori said that they have completed one test--a sonogram of her kidneys. The test revealed that there is a very large cyst on one of her kidneys. The pain is actually on the other side of her body but as we all know, pain can be deferred to other nearby locations.

Due to the size of the cyst, it is very possible that surgery will be required. That is not factual as of yet though. The location of the cyst has much to do with how to treat it. If surgery is determined to be the best solution, we will be going to K.C. to be with her, Mama, Leif and Lars.

A central IV tubeline is going to be inserted so that pain medications and anti-biotics, etc can be administered to her quickly.

Please keep Lori in your prayers.


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