Friday, July 2, 2010

The names have been changed...

to protect the innocent. I still remember that phrase from my early days of watching DRAGNET. Those words were perfect to be used in the story that is true that I am about to relay to you.

The day before yesterday, a Leoti woman was thoroughly enjoying her bubbles as she stood in her shower allowing the hot water to caress her troubles (and dirt) away. As she stood there, the conditioner that she had just placed on her hair a few minutes earlier was doing it's magic to soften and add extra shine to her hair.

All of a sudden, her son ran into the bathroom and threw clothes at her. He told her to hurry up and get dressed because the police were there and needed to talk to her. She couldn't imagine what in the world the police needed to talk to her about. So, not to keep the police waiting any longer, she turned off her shower water and donned her clothes. She didn't even bother to touch her bath towel as she didn't want the police to have to wait on her any longer than absolutely necessary.

As she walked to her living room, she realized that the conditioner was still in place in her hair but had begun to run into her ears and down her face. As soon as she got ready to open the front door, her young son walked back into the house and told her that all was well with the police. They had just stopped a speeder in front of their house. They weren't there to discuss any police business with them afterall...

As soon as the bathing lady relayed this story to me, I burst out in laughter. I just had to pass this information on to you in case you need a giggle or two today. By the way, the added time that the conditioner was in her hair worked out well. Her hair looked great!


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